Analyze your VODs.
Spot your weaknesses.
Upgrade your skills.

Hack the ladder with the ultimate VOD review tool for League of Legends. GGmnasium's state-of-the-art AI understands what you do, helping you identify your rough edges making your training time truly effective.


Find all your cummulative inefficiencies

How long did it take you to clear your jungle camps? How much damage did you deal last fight? If your micro is not pixel perfect - and it isn't - you are both leaving money on the table and not using what you earned fully efficiently.

GGmnasium helps you find where you can optimize your jungle clears


Track all your stats. Check how to maximize your impact

If you win every lane but still lose the game, you might be farming too little. Or too much. Or completely disregarding global objectives. With GGmnasium, you can figure out.

With GGmnasium you can assess if you went to the right place on the map

Clutch Decisions

Learn which moves yield the biggest gains

Compare CS, Gold and Experience earned over time among everyone in the game and accross all your games. Analyze what you earn and what you pay from every decission. This way, you will have scientific prove next time you type "worth".

Evaluate if your backing times where right

Evaluate your performance

with a true performance score (TPS) that evolves over time

With Riot API data all you can get is a score for the whole game. With AI-mined data, you can see how well - or poorly - you did each minute. You will now be able to check if your problem is early game or if you should improve how you transition into mid- and late-game.

Get a True Performance Score that allows you to evaluate separetely every minute of your game


  • League of Legends

    Launching 2021

  • Valorant

    Coming soon

  • Teamfight Tactics

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